Get Clarity In Your Marketing and Business

We use a proven framework that helps you standout in the crowd clearly communicates in your marketing why people should do business with you.

Increase Revenue

Join other companies who have doubled and even quadrupled their revenue implementing the StoryBrand Framework into their messaging

Create A Clear Message

Win new customers by leveraging the StoryBrand Framework and speaking a language people understand


Convert Browsers Into Buyers

Have your website and marketing materials start converting browsers into paying customers

“I tried clearly communicating how my business helps my customers, but I wasn’t getting the response I wanted on Facebook or my Website. I was frustrated knowing I would miss opportunities to grow my business. Claude helped shift my marketing mindset and clarified the message of my digital assets so potential customers quickly found me and understood how my business can helps solve their need.  Ready to take your business t the next level then invest in the team at TOFRESH “

Doug cox Business Coach

What Is Confusion Costing You?

Most companies waste an enormous amount of money on marketing each year.

Why? Because their marketing is causing confusion.

Creating a clear message in you marketing can be difficult. As and expert in your respective field sure you know what you are talking about but with ads & marketing material that leave customers guessing we see dollar after dollar poured down the drain in the hopes of something working.

What you need is someone with fresh eyes that clearly connecting what you offer with your customer needs, on a level they understand by via deliver system that costs you on a small fraction of what it earns you.

Our team help companies with great products and services grow their business by plugging them into to systems that deliver and clarifying your actual message to resonate with the right clients.

What Is Confusion Costing You?

We use the cutting edge tools and powerful tool & messaging to prompt action. We get customers to start paying attention, filtering your brand, products and services through the key elements to increase engagement, sales increase and your company starts growing.

Join other companies who have doubled and even quadrupled their revenue after applying our Framework.

Schedule a call today to see how a clear message can help your company.

Clarify Your Message In 3 Easy Steps

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Execute The Plan

Once I know what is holding your company back, we will implement a plan proven to solve these problems and produce great results

Increase Revenue

See the power of a clear message and marketing plan connect with your audience and grow your company

“I tried clearly communicating how my business helps my customers, but I wasn’t getting the response I wanted. I was frustrated knowing I would miss opportunities to grow my business. Keith helped shift my mindset and clarified my messaging so potential customers quickly understand how my business can help solve their problems. If you’re wanting to increase your sales, invest in allowing Keith to guide you through clarifying your brand message!”

Drew Renner Business Coach

Additional Services:

Having a clear message is your foundation. Keeping your clear message consistent across all your marketing collateral is fundamental. I help companies implement the StoryBrand Framework into all aspects of your company and marketing.

Website Copy

The words on your website tell potential customers how you can help solve their problem. If your copy is confusing or structured wrong, you are losing sales. I am certified in a proven formula that increases engagement and persuades visitors to do business with you

Complete Sales Funnels

I help companies create complete sales funnels that take leads through a proven sales funnel that produces sales while you sleep

Video Production

Dollar-for-dollar, video is the most powerful medium for brand building today and telling your story. I provide full service video production for TV commercials, websites, social media, internal videos, live events, and more. Implement the StoryBrand Framework into your videos and see results like never before

Copywriting & Content

Craft words that persuade people to buy through all your marketing materials. From lead generating PDF’s, email campaigns, sales letters, print materials, social media, and more

Email Campaigns

Email is still the best way to market to potential and existing customers to your product or service. I carefully craft a series of emails that on ramp customers to buy your products, services, or push new offers

Web Design

An online visitor forms a first opinion of your brand in less than one second. I help companies create a website that properly represent your brand and becomes the most powerful sales tool for your company