Coppa 2020 | This is Huge If You Market on Youtube

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Most often things taking place are to technical for the every day business owner to get caught up in but the recent child safety protection action is huge for everyone online and not something you can afford to ignore

Originally slatted as a protection for children online given the wide spread use of cookies and other web tracking technology, Coppa (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) has morphed into an entirely different beast with concerns being brought forward by all sides of the fence


We have attached video’s that detail it really well, Long story short if you market to, advertise or offer something on Youtube’s platform that may “influence children” (influence is a very vague term, hence the concerns being raised from so many content creators)

Getting up to date on how this effects you and the steps to take in protecting yourself from potentially massive fines for not complying with the new rules is the smart thing to do in this case.

Monetized or not, The rules for Youtube just took a full 180 degree turn and you don’t want to get caught in the what’s coming up January 2020 when they start enforcing the rules. (they are in full effect now)

Those of you not monetizing your content and jsut running video marketing campaigns are likely fine but with so many of our clients working in the fitness / martial arts space the crossover to children if even indirect is real and when it comes to government fines its always better safe than sorry.





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