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PPC is the fastest way to get your offer out to market

While search engine results have two main components, pay-per-click (PPC) ads and organic ads. These are two very distinct channels. (Pay Per Clcik) is the fastest way to claim your chunk of marketing real estate and get your offer in front of the right target market; generating large volumes of traffic very quickly.

With optional targeting of Not just in terms of keywords, but  also location and device they are using.

pay per click

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Toronto PPC Company

Specialized working with Google & Bing pay-per-click advertising is a staple of the services offered by the team here at ToFresh Marketing Agency. Our PPC campaigns take all the right steps to deliver quality leads and drive sales with a winning return on investment.

the tofresh pay per click setup process

Our PPC account build out takes 30 days. We take a full month to carefully craft the right strategy and account structure. This is a collaborative effort that will require your involvement as we drive the process forward. We call this build the PPC tree structure and it is made up of a straightforward 4 step process.

Phase 1: Identify the different ways consumers can find your business

When you sign up with our Toronto Digital Marketing company, The first step in our setup will focus on which areas of the country and which devices (desktop, mobile, etc.) you want your account to target, as well as where in the account you want your media budget allocated.

Phase 3: Creative PPC Text Ads

The text ad is what brings a user to your website. Our team will write compelling, informative text ads that speak to your target audience and draw in potential business.

Phase 2: PPC Keyword Research

Our team’s extensive PPC keyword research involves getting a list of keywords that have search volume and are relevant for your business, and we get these straight from Google. The keyword research also involves reviewing Google’s competition metrics to ensure you aren’t competing on needless keywords or those that are too competitive.

Phase 4: Getting Your Account Up and Running

The final step in our PPC setup process is uploading your keywords and text ads into the interface for AdWords (and any other search engine you decide to run ads in). Once they are loaded and ready to go, our team will make sure the proper tracking is in place to observe conversions on your website. Once all this is ready, your account will be ready to be activated and bring money to your business.

toronto top team staff

“They bring a proven test-and-learn philosophy to everything that they do and have become a true extension of our team.”


Increase in PPC CTR on both site & foot traffic through Scarborough facility.


Increase in PPC conversion rate YoY on Social sites and homepage traffic.


Decrease in cost per lead.


In addition to running pay-per-click campaigns for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, Our team also
runs paid social media ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

social media icons for pay per click


Before we start optimizing your paid search account, our consultants want to meet your team and learn everything about your company, target audience and business goals. This will ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business and that we are all striving towards the same objective for your campaign.


There are a multitude of important factors in pay-per-click advertising in addition to the keywords you want to compete on. Where you want your budget allocated, which parts of the country (or world) you want to target and mobile phone targeting are other strategies that our team will present.


Once we decide on a strategy, our PPC team will begin implementing it. The process starts with a structure of how your account will look, followed by keyword research, and creating the text ads potential visitors will see. With hundreds – possibly even thousands, of ads to upload, our team is able to set up the account in Google and Bing/Yahoo and make sure the account’s settings are correct.


As a Pay Per Click company, we invest heavily in technology to ensure we have the most accurate and timely monitoring and reporting tools available in the PPC industry. This is extremely beneficial to our account managers that monitor your account throughout the week.


With dedicated staff for your accounts you’ll always have a set point of contact for any questions or concerns that could come up along the way.


We review every angle of your account’s performance when looking to improve your PPC campaign and provide bi-weekly weekly reports to discuss strategy.


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